All the music I've released

These albums, EPs and mixes were published between 2010 and now.

I self released some records but many were published with different labels. In 2014 I decided to take a step further and create my own collective / discography, High Mountain Records, to keep pushing the boundaries of electronic and classical music on my own way.

A little bit of context

I started living really close to music when I was eight at the Liceum’s Superior Conservatorium of Music in Barcelona. I never really saw the potential of classical music outside its boundaries and I was taught to keep it sacred and undisturbed. Barcelona was starting to feel very small for me so, at the age of eighteen, I continued my classical piano studies at the London College of Music and started learning music production. The big city woke my young spirit up and I became very curious about every aspect of music and art. I was always fighting to be in balance between the classical and modern worlds.

Clubbing became very important for me and, despite being the son of church pastors and not religious at all, I found a church I really believed in. I started using melodies, chords, etc. I was learning at the piano in modern compositions. It was very messy and hard, but I needed to balance my two selfs in order to find who I was, who I am…